Friday, April 16, 2010

Survived from another miserable accident

Earlier when I was survived from miserable accident, I didn’t believe or thought that something like this could ever happen with me again. But it happened again and within a time span of one year on 26 March 2010. Me and Hiren were coming back from a client meeting from Kandivali. It was too late to return from a client meeting. Almost 11:30 when we left from Raghuleela mall for our way back to home. We were discussing on how was the meeting and what was the outcome.

We reached near one of the flyovers and gave a left signal, still discussing on how was the meeting. Speed of the car was deliberately made slow so that we can go to left and do not use flyover. Suddenly I heard a strong sound of glass breaking. Before I could understand anything, I saw blood coming out of my forehead…. I was not able to understand what happened. There was a bleeding from my head as well. I checked for Hiren near me, but could not see him. I tried to open the door of my side, could not do it.

Was still in dilemma on what had happened and I shouted for Hiren. He came rushing in founding me bleeding from various places. He even tried to open the door at my end but could not. He again went out of car and pulled the door to open it successfully and I went out rushing. People were gathered around the car and I found the car had been thrashed from behind by a truck.

I immediately put my hand on my heart (I keep the “MALA” given by Pujya there in pocket) and got some strength from there. I sat down on the footpath nearby keeping my handkerchief on my head to stop the blood. People gave me tissues from the car to use it and water along with a warning me against using the water on my head as it could cause some other problems.

Hiren called Ashish, his brother, and told about the accident. He was trying to find out who could be the nearest one to help us in this situations. After trying for few contacts, he was able to get in touch with his sister-in-law and her husband. They both came rushing in to help us. Thank God that they came in time to help us. She got some turmeric from nearby house and applied it on my injuries to avoid septic. That was the best thing to help in this situation. Her husband called the hospital where one of his friends is working and asked him to arrange for some first aid so that they can attend me immediately. We three then rushed to the hospital and Hiren was taking care of car and he truck driver from whom he had already taken the driving license and other truck papers to make sure he do not run away.

At hospital, they managed to do dressing on my injuries where the doc said the injury is not on that extent to do stitching and gave “TT” injection. We went back to their home so that I can take some rest. Back at the accident site, Hiren got to contact the police and started the formalities. I must say, the police was very co-operative in the process. But somehow, the process wanted me to present at the police station if I am not hospitalized and some medical certificate as well. So, I have to rush there and complete the formalities. We left the police station at around 4:00am. Wow, we are still awaken :)

Forgot to mention, I contacted home when I left hospital after dressing and said there is a minor accident and nothing to worry am all right. Will be back at home next day morning. Though it was tough to convince my wife that I am all right and nothing to worry, but somehow I did it. Phew, it’s so difficult to convince that there is nothing wrong with you :)

After leaving from the police station, we took an auto to leave for Hiren’s home. The way was the same and we reached accident site where Ashish and Mandar were waiting for someone to come and tow the car. This was the first time I saw the condition of the car. Man, it was so damaged from the behind that it made me think, HOW DID WE SURVIVE from this miserable accident.

We reached his home and took some rest. I again updated home that we have reached here and I shall return home till noon. After few hours, I left for home along with Hiren’s mother and father in a cab. After reaching, before going to home, I went to our family doc where he suggested for a city scan to make sure nothing is wrong with my brain (;) wink). At home everyone were waiting for me and happy to see me all right. My father was out and when he came back, he didn’t say anything and just sat in front of me. My God, he was crying. I saw him crying for the first time and that was because of me, I was so hurt that I made him cry but nothing was in my hand though. Well, I convinced him that there is nothing wrong with me and everything is all right. In the evening, we went for city scan and in the report, it was fracture in my eye brow bones. Never heard something like this can also happen. On visiting the orthopedic surgeon, he said nothing can be done here, the bed rest and medicine will only help to heal this.

This was the whole story… whenever I think of that day, naah that night, a shiver passes from my whole body.

Thank you God for helping us to survive and I could say, this is my second life what I am living after accident. Below is the snap of the car.

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