Saturday, August 26, 2006

recruitment in unknown department

Have you ever come across about how you can recruit a person in the department of which you are unaware? You don’t know what are the tasks of that department. You only know only basic functions. I have taken this kind of interviews. Very frankly, I was not sure about how to take this kind of interview. But as usual, got some tips from my boss and voila! I was the expert in that kind of interview.

Now I was very much sure about what to ask. I directly provided them the situation where a new department is started and you are the only one in that department. What will you do? And if that person is a right candidate, I am sure I will get the right answer. I even asked their plan to keep themselves busy for next six months if they are given an opportunity. This trick really worked. And even I got many things to learn about.

It’s worth to try this practice.



updating my site

Writing after long time. Few days, problem with blogs in India and after that, busy schedule. I am trying to keep my site updated and also want to be alive with my blog. Don’t know what to write but still I will definitely try to do it on regular basis.

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

we kept silence

To pay tribute to the ones who have lost their lives in the bomb blast in Mumbai, we all kept silence for 2 minutes in our office today.