Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A survival from a miserable accident

I was working on my LT. suddenly power went off and inverter-cum-UPS started. One of my colleagues came to me stating machine of one of the rooms were not working. I Went to the inverter area with him to see what is the issue. Could not find anything. I switched the inverter off and switched it on again. And…….. a big blast. Could not understand what had happened. My colleague pulled me outside from there and asked if there is anything in my eyes? I answered yes, there seems. He took me to the wash basin and cleaned my eyes. After this, I asked him what happened as that area was still full of smoke. He informed the battery has blasted.

Whoa!!! I could not understand. I went there again and saw what had happened. I could not believe my eyes. How did I survive. The battery cover was broken in pieces. Distill water (mild acid) of the battery had spread all over there. 12 battereies and 3 inverters were there. Electricity junction was there. God, I survived from a horrible accident. Can’t believe!! God must be with me at that moment. Gurudev’s blessings must have with me in the form of rosery.

We must believe God is with us. There must be HIS existence all around us.


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