Monday, February 16, 2015

Change - Only constant thing

We all know this as a reality of the universe. You can't have a life without change. It is a truth which must be appreciated.

Change, positive or negative is eminent part of one's life. It then depends on the person how he/she takes it. You either need to take it as a comma or full stop. A comma will enable to extend your sentence and a full stop will enable you to start a new sentence. So either positive or negative change, it is always going to start a new chapter in life. So irrespective of nature of change, it must be taken positively and time will make sure it is the best decision of your life to take it positively.

Taking change negatively not going to help anywhere in the life except adding to problems/difficulties in life. There can not be a single example in the history of a person gaining by taking change negatively. Negative change, if taken positively can definitely lead to a life turning decision of one's life.

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