Saturday, August 26, 2006

recruitment in unknown department

Have you ever come across about how you can recruit a person in the department of which you are unaware? You don’t know what are the tasks of that department. You only know only basic functions. I have taken this kind of interviews. Very frankly, I was not sure about how to take this kind of interview. But as usual, got some tips from my boss and voila! I was the expert in that kind of interview.

Now I was very much sure about what to ask. I directly provided them the situation where a new department is started and you are the only one in that department. What will you do? And if that person is a right candidate, I am sure I will get the right answer. I even asked their plan to keep themselves busy for next six months if they are given an opportunity. This trick really worked. And even I got many things to learn about.

It’s worth to try this practice.