Thursday, July 06, 2006

strike at AIIMS

When I came to know about sacking of Dr. Venugopal and decision not to pay the salaries to the doctors who went on strike, even my blood started to blow. How can they do it? They assured of not taking any harsh steps on the doctors, but they did. This is not the way to run the government. This is not the way to obey your promise.

Government is for the people and not for performing the personal tasks. I hate these politicians. And I fully support the strike by the doctors. I know it is not good for the doctors to go on strike. But still I support it. Now it is the high time for all the Indians to come out and fight for our own rights. This government is now taking all the decisions which are completely against the common man.

Wake up India, wake up.

Jai Hind.




Mumbai Guy said...

So what do you think is the way to wake up? Look at the reservations issue, what happened to strike and all that internet forwards? Politicians know we can only cry and they are taking full advantage.

Yatin said...

You are right. Nothing is going to happen. They tried almost everything except violence. But nothing happened. So is violence the only way to get our rights?

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